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Eucalyptus plantation for Koalas

Marc Terhorst
Mar 01, 2019
Marc Terhorst

Locally owned Port Douglas tourism icons, Sailaway Port Douglas and CaPTA Group’s Wildlife Habitat, have collaborated to create a new koala Eucalypt plantation, advancing eco-tourism in the Tropical North.

Land donated by Sailaway has been used to plant 250 trees of eight different local Eucalypt species that meet the unique dietary requirements of Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas’s koalas.

The new seedlings were recently planted by horticultural staff at Wildlife Habitat at Eco Shamba, adjacent to native rainforest on the Captain Cook Highway, with bore water used to increase the success and productivity of locally propagated seedlings.

The trees will be ready for harvest in two years and will contribute to providing the 400-500 grams of Eucalypt leaf that each Koala consumes per day. Wildlife Habitat Manager Andrew Hearn says that locally growing the Eucalypt has advantages for both the environment and the park’s resident koalas.

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“It’s great to work with a company like Sailaway that’s 100% committed to Eco-Tourism and to growing the Port Douglas tourism market and visitation to the Great Barrier Reef” he said. “We have been looking for a site close to Wildlife Habitat so that we can minimize travel and provide our animals the freshest cuts possible.”

Sailaway Owner Operator Steve Edmondson believes best practices, environmental awareness and appreciation are important roles eco tourism should deliver and where better to highlight our nature than beautiful Tropical North Queensland.

“Small local initiatives go a long way and provide background and education to our visitors and our fragile natural surroundings, whilst enjoying a fun day on holiday in Tropical North Queensland and interacting on the Great Barrier Reef,” he said.

Koalas require a large amount of Eucalypt leaf, as the plant provides them with 100% of their water requirements and although there are 700 species of Eucalypt in Australia, Koalas can only consume 90 of them.

Wildlife Habitat is the only attraction in Port Douglas where tourists can view this iconic Australian animal, and is Australia’s leading wildlife experience, providing visitors with a chance to observe a huge range of flora and fauna up close.